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  • Souhail Khoury

    Souhail Khoury

    Managing Director- Founders Capital

  • Dr Tanya Goldhaber

    Dr Tanya Goldhaber

    Strategy consultant specialising in tech, innovation, and the power of communication

  • Patricia B. Vilar

    Patricia B. Vilar

    Mãe de três adoráveis filhos, pesquisadora e professora de Direito da UFRN. Aprendiz de muita coisa. Sociology of law teacher and researcher

  • Pat Keogh

    Pat Keogh

    I point to it as a fact I am unique I am A5A0A9 .ie

  • brenthoberman


    cofounder http://t.co/dOJ34aDz0S, http://t.co/mwbaY4eGyR, http://t.co/KwwvLUWFCN, founders forum,profounderscapital, non exec:gmg,talktalk,easycar,shazam+ eton

  • Fraser Bell

    Fraser Bell

    Founder of www.mexi.clothing, follower of startups and Customer Success Lead.

  • Lina Wenner

    Lina Wenner

    early stage VC @ firstminute capital

  • Tobias Szarowicz

    Tobias Szarowicz

    Co-Founder & CEO @YOBO — Building the next-gen cityguide app driven by a powerful artificial intelligence

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